We are a safe haven where old things pass away to become new again in Christ Jesus. Corinthians 5:17

We Rescue, Cater to, & Foster:

At-risk, vulnerable, impoverished and underprivileged children

We Offer Our Children Free-of-Charge:

No Child
Left Behind

Our utmost responsibility is the daily provision of the basic human necessities to our children.
We strive to provide them with comfortable shelter, balanced meals, education, healthcare, clean portable water, and sanitation.
No child should be left behind because of their religious beliefs, socio-economic background, race, or ethnicity.
Help us to continue to provide these necessities free-of-charge to our children:

Our Responsibility
to Children

Poverty leads to inequality, diversity, low self-esteem, and injustice among underprivileged children. These negative connotations define a child's future and change their perspectives in life negatively.
Rewrite a child's life story for the better through your generous contribution. Please offer them second chance in life today.
With your contribution, underprivileged and vulnerable children can earn their way out of poverty and become successful in life.


Food and shelter cost per child is about $1.00 (USD) per day. That is, $30.00 (USD) per month per child.
Food & shelter cost per child per year is $360.00(USD).

Food and shelter cost for 15 children per month is $450.00(USD). That is $5,400.00 (USD) per annually for 15 children.
Extra curricula activities and trained professionals, programs, and services cost additional expenses.

Through your continual support of the Divine Gateway Foundation, we can continue to support children and help them blossom into becoming responsible productive adults.
Please commit to help a child today!


USD -Successfully raised


USD- Needed to Complete Our Permanent Resident Campus (Phase 3)

Commit to sponsoring
a child for
$1.00 (USD)
per day

For your monthly contribution, you will help change a child's life today
$ 30
  • Your contribution provides a child with shelter, food, education, healthcare, well-being; clean portable water, & sanitation
  • Structured age appropriate programs, after-school and recreational programs, early intervention services for special needs children, nurturing of talents, etc
Thank you!

Team Members

Mrs. Lulu Pearl Kwakye Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jerry Boateng Bekoe Chief Administrative Assistant/ Secretary

Mrs. Rosie Enchill Chief Financial Officer/ Treasurer