Who We Are:

Divine Gateway Foundation Inc., saves & protects the abandoned, abused, and/ or homeless parentless children. We are a United States-based corporation that currently rescues and fosters vulnerable parentless children in Ghana, West Africa.

Cause for Concern

The leading causes of the global orphan crisis are poverty, diseases, wars, accidents, deprivation, abandonment, and natural disasters, leaving estimated 140 million children orphaned worldwide: Asia- 61 million, Africa- 52 million, Latin America & Caribbeans- 10 million, & Eastern Europe and Central Asia- 7.3 million (UN, 2015).

How did we get here?

Ghana has an estimated 1.1 million orphaned children in the continent under 18 years old.

Why Us? Why Divine Gateway Foundation Inc.?

On September 5, 2020, the Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. opened its doors as a safe haven for at-risk orphaned children in Ghana, rescuing and fostering them in a nurturing home environment.

Here is What We are doing for Children

Let's Join hands. Let's stop child marriages, child labor, child abuse, and child homelessness.

Let's Work Together

For the majority of our children, what most of them want are adults who never give up on them, warm food, clothes, toys, and teachers.
Thank You!

Why you? Why Now?

No one can make it alone without a helping hand. It literally takes the whole village to care for these at-risk & vulnerable children. We need your support today.

"Yay! We made it to the Divine gateway, Osino, Ghana."