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Welcome! The Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit organization in Buford, GA, which provides a haven free-of-charge for underprivileged children. By doing this, we provide them with second chances in life. Currently serving the underprivileged and vulnerable children in Ghana, we cater to and protect at-risk children in our community. We provide a supportive and loving environment addressing the needs of the children. Our mission is to be the nourishment and rays of the sun that are catalysts for the blossoming of these children into happy, healthy, and productive citizens.

A Volunteer

From rescuing children who are suffering from child abuse to homeless children roaming the streets in need of food and shelter, there is no shortage in ways to help make a difference in a child’s life. By volunteering, you have an opportunity to change children’s lives, become a mentor, a big brother or sister, and give back to the community. So please, take some time to help the kids in need today!


With your donations, the Divine Gateway Foundation Inc., is able to send children to school, supply them with healthy and balanced meals, clean water, healthcare, education and training, and a safe haven.


Successfull Campaigns

Lend A Hand

Change children's lives

  • Healthy Food & Balanced Meals

    Please donate to our Healthy Food and Balanced Meals campaign. Millions of children around the world and in Ghana do not have enough food to eat. When you donate, you help to feed starving children. According to the United Nations (2012), Three quarters of all the children in the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition are found in Sub- Saharan Africa.

  • Education

    Donate today to send more children back to school. "The lack of basic human necessities such as food, education, and healthcare, are due to poverty and in most cases, lack of adult supervision and protection," (Oduro, 2012).

  • Clean and Portable Water

    Donate to our Clean Water Campaign to allow us to provide fresh, uncontaminated water to children. According to UN.org, progress is made towards access to clean drinking water and sanitation. However, millions of people in rural areas lack clean water and sanitation. More than 673 million people continue to openly defecate in rivers and streams in most rural areas.

  • Healthcare

    Donate to our Healthcare Campaign to aid us in eradicating or decreasing infant and child mortality rates. Asuman et, al. (2020) suggest that early childhood good health and nutrition are essential parts of growth and development in children. Therefore, the Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. works tirelessly to stop the cycle of poverty, child abuse, and control childhood disease and mortality.

  • Well-Being and Vitality

    Donate to our Wellbeing and vitality campaign. Wellbeing for our children means children with adaptable social skills, good physical health and conditions, and overall feeling of satisfaction with life.

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Team Members

Mrs. Lulu Pearl Kwakye Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jerry Boateng Bekoe Chief Administrative Assistant/ Secretary

Mrs. Rosie Enchill Chief Financial Officer/ Treasurer

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The Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable (not-for-profit) organization accredited under the Internal Revenue Services’ code in the United States. Donations to the Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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