Construction in Progress!

Look at What we are Doing Now

With children in our care, we are building our own larger and permanent residential home at Osino in the Eastern Region in Ghana.
Yeah! Construction in progress and we We are creating jobs for the natives of Osino.

Look at What we will do in the Future

Our vision encompasses building schools, play grounds, technology centers, clinics and qualified staff quarters campus on the campus of Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. at Osino, Ghana.

Our Construction Progress Report

Support us to complete the building of our permanent residence for the underprivileged and vulnerable orphaned children in Ghana.

Dollar-A-Day Program

For only one dollar a day, you can provide loving support and services for 1 child.

Brick & Mortar Sponsor

As we enter into the construction of a large home and school, please consider sponsoring a certain number of square feet to accelerate the completion of these 2 facilities. The cost in Ghana is a modest $10 per square feet.

Thank you for your loving and generous contributions! At-risk orphaned children will have a place of their own that they can call home.

Coming soon!

Our Permanent Residence Construction in Progress

Our Future Constructions