About Us

Our Mission

We establish free-of-charge nurturing and safe international community campuses for the abused, impoverished and underprivileged children. We rescue, cater and foster children through supportive and loving home environment addressing their physical, spiritual, emotional, creative and social needs. We support them in becoming productive citizens and overcoming neglect, abuse and life-threatening diseases through education, training, healthcare and benevolent care.

Our Values

Development & Growth


Our Goals

Our initial goal was rescuing and fostering at-risk children who lost their biological parents and changing their lives. However, the rapidly increasing crime rate among the vulnerable, impoverished, and underprivileged children (Justice-for-children, UNICEF.org) broadened our horizons to extend our arms and services to the abused, abandoned, impoverished, and underprivileged children. We will achieve our mission in 3 phases.

Our Achievements in Phases

Phase 1

Divine Gateway Foundation Inc. has begun its mission with children from birth to twelve years of age receiving care & services in a full family environment in a village home in Ghana.

Phase 2

Encompasses building a larger residential home and school on the campus on Divine Gateway Foundation's land at Osino, Ghana.

Phase 3

Building our safe international communities to encompass schools, worship centers, hospitals, libraries, parks, play grounds, technology centers, clinics and staff quarters.  in Osino, Ghana.

Our Children

We currently have 15 children in our care in a temporary full family environment in a village home in Ghana.
Our children adapt quickly into their new lives at our home because of the age-appropriate curricula, structured after-school programs, and services available to them. We have trained and loving professionals whose responsibilities among other things supervise and monitor children's safety and well-being. All programs and services are free-of charge to each child.